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Welcome to Luv Cross, where love bridges the gap to offer support and reassurance. It's the symbol that unites hearts, lives, and families when distance keeps them apart.

What makes this gift the ideal choice for you?

If you can't be there with them, be there for them. Offering care and connection, even when you are apart. A priceless gift, especially for those missing home and family.

Encased in a stylish gift box, this set is elegant and impactful. It includes a jewelry cleaning cloth, to maintain luster and shine.

Additionally, a heartfelt card accompanies the set, featuring an inspiring verse of encouragement and support. This added touch offers an extra layer of comfort and motivation.

About the product

Step into the meaningful world of the Luv Cross Store, where our faith-based jewelry holds deep significance.

Explore our exclusive Supportive Soldier Gift Set, a sincere expression of love for the special soldier in your life.

Carefully curated, this set features an exquisitely designed necklace showcasing the Luv Cross emblem, symbolizing love, unity, and support.

Inspired by Jesus Christ's unwavering love on the cross, a poignant verse is delicately inscribed on the back—a constant reminder that someone cares and watches over them.

Men's Set

Men's Necklaces

Luv Cross embodies an iconic symbol that signifies love, commitment, and support. This pendant necklace showcases a meticulously crafted rounded-edge dog tag made from stainless steel with brushed finishes.

Powerful and Captivating

🔴 The perfect GIFT 🔴

Show your soldier how much they mean to you with this thoughtful and inspiring gift set, a token of appreciation that will truly make a difference in their journey.

Women's Set

Women's Necklaces

Luv Cross stands as an iconic emblem, embodying love, commitment, and support. This meticulously crafted pendant necklace features a rounded-edge dog tag made from stainless steel with brushed finishes.

🔵Truly Meaningful🔵

a gift from the heart

Express your love for your special someone with this heartfelt and inspiring gift set, a token of appreciation that will truly enrich their journey.


We are committed to acknowledging the sacrifices made by families during times of separation. Our deep respect extends to the courageous individuals in uniform and their devoted families, as well as hardworking men and women who endure time away from home. Furthermore, we recognize students embarking on the journey of education and careers. Through our products, we aspire to embody the enduring values of love, strength, and resilience.

Explore our collection of carefully crafted jewelry that symbolizes love, commitment, and support. Each item is a testament to the bond that unites us. It is a timeless symbol that resonates with the purest essence of love and sacrifice. More than just an emblem, it signifies the unwavering love that transcends time and circumstance, inspired by the selfless sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.

At Luv Cross, we believe in the power of love to overcome any obstacle.

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Our jewelry embodies this message and serves as a source of strength and support for those who wear it.

By purchasing the Luv Cross, you declare your solidarity with those we love, becoming a beacon of encouragement. Every Luv Cross product carries a story of love, strength, and resilience. It becomes a conversation starter, an opportunity to share the profound significance behind the symbol and the deep commitment to supporting our loved ones separated by distance.

Beyond symbolic gestures, each purchase from Luv Cross contributes to making a difference. By wearing our jewelry, you become part of a community actively making a positive impact.

Thank you for being a part of the Luv Cross family. Embrace love, wear the cross, and join us in supporting our heroes.